Family Mediation
What is Family Mediation?

It is a peaceful process assisted by mediator with neutral mind-set in discussing the future arrangement after divorce, including child custody, maintenance, child access and property.


It helps to reach an agreement best fit for both parties, allowing parents fulfill their parent's role, maintain close relationship with children and enhance better development of future life.

  • To provide counselling service to couples who are on the verge of marital breakdown

  • To help couples co-operate and conciliate in solving their marital disputes, e.g. child custody, maintenance, child access and property

  • To help clients adjust to the emotional and psychological turnmoil during their uncoupling process

  • To minimize the hurts and pains suffered by couples and children in the process of divorce

Service Content


  • Family Mediation

  • Divorce Counselling

    • Divorce & Post-divorce adjustment, Child-care and parent-child relationship

    • Children adaptation counselling & Play counselling

  • Talks & groups for mediation services, children in divorce families and woman suffered in the separation or divorce

  • Legal consultation services

    • Regular legal & mediation talk by mediator and lawyer. The services help the participants to have clearer view of legal procedure in divorce and understand the use of mediation

    • Regular legal consultation services by lawyers on voluntary base. Participants are free to seek legal advice on the below topics:
      1. Child custody
      2. Child access
      3. Child support
      4. Maintenance
      5. Property

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