KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre

Our professional team consists of Registered Social Workers with university degrees. We possess special professional qualifications such as Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Family Mediator of Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited and Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre, and have extensive experience in marriage and family counselling, emotional counselling, child play counselling and art counselling. Our staff dedicate ourselves to offering quality service to the community..


Organization Profile

The HKCMAC is a voluntary organization. It was formally incorporated in 1967. The funding support come from the Social Welfare Department, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. We aim to provide professional service of the highest quality and serve all peoples irrespective of creed or race. We are committed to promoting joyful and life-long marriages, happy families and enriching life with love and respect.


The parent-child bonding is life-long as children need everlasting love and care from their parents. We facilitate separated / divorcing / divorced parents to enhance and practice “co-parenting” so that children can enjoy healthy growth and development.

KID First Mission

KID First aims at providing one-stop “child-focused” co-parenting support services to separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children. We assist our service users to recover from the emotional turmoil of divorce, adopt a new interactive pattern, work out their co-parenting plan and facilitate the children to have stable and safe contacts with both parents and let them enjoy love and care from both parents continuously.

Service Objectives
  • To facilitate separated / divorcing/ divorced parents to carry out “child-focused” parental responsibilities effectively

  • To help children in divorced families to cope with the stress arise from the changes in family relationships

  • To provide positive contact opportunities where children can have safe and conflict-free contacts with their non-residing parents

  • To promote to the public the concept of parental responsibilities and co-parenting

Service Content (Services for parents)
  • “Co-parenting” Counselling Service

  • Parenting Coordination Service

  • Supervised Contact Service and Supervised Exchange Service

  • “Child-focused” Co-parenting Workshop and Talk

  • Therapeutic Group and Course

  • Mutual Help Group and Volunteer Service

Services for children
  • Children Adjustment Counselling and Group

Services for families
  • Parent-child Program and volunteer service for divorced families

Services for general public
  • “Co-parenting” Promotion Program

  • Sharing offered to professionals (social worker, teacher, lawyer, etc.)

  • Our centre provides Family Mediation Service and Free Legal Consultation Service for separated / divorcing / divorced parents

Service Boundary
  • Separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children living in the districts of Wong Tai Sin, Sai Kung and Kwun Tong of Kowloon

  • Separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children living in the districts of Central, Western, Southern, Islands, Eastern and Wanchai of Hong Kong

Service Targets
  • Separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children

  • People of the community

  • Irrespective of race or creed

Service Application
  • Apply in person or by phone

  • Referred by social worker or related professionals. (Please make telephone enquiry with “KID First” before making referral)


Download Referral Form

Referral Form (PDF)

Referral Form (WORD)




Service Termination
  • Termination of service will be carried out after service goals are achieved or appropriate referral is made.

  • Service users can request termination of service. (For cases with court order, discussion between co-parenting social worker and referring worker is needed.)

Address and Contact

KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre (Hong Kong)
Flats A-E, 7/F, Eastern Commercial Centre, Nos. 395-399 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong
Tel. Number: 2170 1788
Fax Number: 2429 6719
E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre (Hong Kong)


KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre (Kowloon East)
Unit 10&11, 10/F, Telford House, No. 16 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Tel. Number: 2170 4700
Fax Number: 2421 3931
E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre (Kowloon East)


Opening Hours
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